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In this webinar GigaSpaces’ VP of Products and Strategy, Ali Hodroj, will discuss Hybrid Transactional/Analy­tical Processing with Spark & In-Memory Data Fabrics and why it’s important for you.

This webinar is meant for the technical community looking for a simple and efficient hybrid transactional and analytical processing platform. We will review the “why” and the “how” of HTAP capabilities. 

In this session, we will explain why HTAP is important for you and how to implement a fast data pipeline solution architecture combining in-memory computing and a high-performance Spark distribution. We will examine relevant vertical use cases for IoT and real-time operational intelligence.


Increasingly, businesses are trying to achieve better insights out of large amounts of streamed data by bringing it closer to real time processing power and querying from a live data mart. We are witnessing a convergence of workflows and technology platforms for real-time, analytics, cloud, and in-memory processing to effectively address time-sensitive business decisions that involve the volumes of big data.

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