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In this white paper we discuss how to simplify the workflow and solve architectural dilemmas in order to achieve real-time actionable insights with the help of a unified data and analytics platform. 


The organizational trend of evolution rather than revolution is currently at its peak regarding digital transformation projects. Enterprises have adopted a convergence path called DevOps. Instead of using the classic tiered structure that groups teams according to discipline, DevOps teams integrate workers from different departments in order to enhance communication and collaboration. 

While this closed-loop paradigm is being implemented at the organizational level, it is still lagging in the supporting infrastructure. Complex integration workflows and slow data pipelines are still the leading architecture choices. 

That’s why a unified data and analytics platform is needed to provide extreme data processing, fast data ingestion, and advanced analytics. GigaSpaces’ InsightEdge Platform breaks away from the traditional tiered approach and provides a simpler, faster workflow by consolidating the In-Memory ingestion and processing tier together with the analytical tier in a tightly coupled microservices architecture.

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