A Technology Architecture Evolution- from a JBoss EJB Application Framework to a Space-Based Architecture with In-Memory Caching

  • Tuesday, July 13, 2021
  • 10 : 00 AM EST
rich christy sky road

Rich Christy

Software Development Manager, Sky Road

david aisenthal

David Aisenthal

Solutions Architect, GigaSpaces


We all know that larger, less structured and more complex data cannot be managed with traditional methods. There is a rapidly evolving landscape of new tools and approaches designed to process and analyze complex data to gain new investment insights and improve efficiencies.  These increasingly large sets of data will, in turn, require a higher level of processing. One of these new approaches is in-memory computing which enables large sets of data to be analyzed thousands of times faster than traditional approaches. The ability to analyze data at unparalleled speeds, allows individuals to respond to market events with greater speed and efficiency.

Listen to the story of Sky Road, provider of innovative cloud-based solutions to the asset management industry, and how they underwent a significant architecture journey in order to give asset management firms the automation, insights and intelligence they need to drive alpha and operational efficiency.   

Rich Christy, Sky Road’s Software Development Manager, will walk us through how they transitioned from a on-premises JBoss EJB application framework to a cloud-native Space-Based architecture with in-memory caching and lessons they learned on the way, including: 

  • Why partitioning of data/code is critical to understand early in your architecture plans
  • Why you don’t need to be overzealous with Object-Oriented concepts
  • Why it’s important to pick your partitioning key carefully and how it decreases your load time 
  • How to increase your performance with mirroring of processing units as much as possible 

This webinar is for a technical audience who wants to learn more about how to incorporate a space-based architecture as part of their technology infrastructure.

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