A deep dive into the architecture of the GigaSpaces Smart Digital Integration Hub, focusing on its Integration layer, Hosting layer, and Digitization layer

Smart DIH helps enterprises accelerate innovation and shorten the development cycles of new digital services, by decoupling digital applications from their respective Systems of Record (SoRs). This product overview will explain how Smart DIH simplifies the digital transformation journey, enabling enterprises to complete it with unparalleled speed, performance, and scale.

Discover how Smart DIH’s data integration, which also incorporates a pluggable connectors framework, enables interoperability, simpler migration, and scale, and how GigaSpaces Tiered Storage can increase effective data capacity by a factor of ten.

You will also learn how Smart DIH enables enhanced scalability of both the data and applications, reducing latency and bottlenecks while protecting all data with its multi-tier security architecture.