Shift the focus from infrastructure-centric transformation to data-centric value creation.

HPE and GigaSpaces give you the ability to modernize and offload processing from expensive legacy infrastructure so you can rapidly introduce new modern digital applications for faster time to value.

Teams can develop once and deploy anywhere—on-premises, at the edge, and across cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments with a cloud-native platform. The platform enables running operational business intelligence and reports on fresh data in milliseconds, accelerates batch processing, and operationalizes machine learning (ML) and transactional processing, at scale.

To test the solution’s performance, GigaSpaces and HPE engineering teams jointly ran more than 600 sessions over three weeks using a 12-socket HPE Superdome Flex server with the GigaSpaces in-memory computing platform. The result: In more than 99% of the cases, the latency was less than one millisecond for a data query.

This paper presents real-world use cases demonstrating how the solution dramatically reduces the time and risk to complete large, complex calculations.