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Everyone Wants “Real-time Analytic Insights” But Which Architecture Will Get You There?

GigaSpaces Technologies has been selected by Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan as the preferred solution architecture for real-time analytic insights in their new report.

Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan recognizes that GigaSpaces’ InsightEdge Platform, an open-source in-memory insight platform unifying fast-data analytics and transactional processing for instant business insights and actions, contains all the necessary SQL, Spark, Streaming, and Deep Learning toolkits for scalable data-driven solutions.

The report discusses the Apache open source technologies that form the foundation of many real-time analytics deployments today, analyzes the strategies of some of the companies they consider the leading providers in this space and offers recommendations on how buyers should proceed.

According to Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director of Big Data & Analytics at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan: “Every organization needs real-time analytic insights to stay current and competitive; and increasingly, just to get through the typical business day. Beyond a few of the best-known project technologies emanating from Apache, however, the dialogue in the industry about how to actually obtain those hoped-for real-time insights is long on hyperbole and short on consensus.”

“Our preferred choice is GigaSpaces, which is combining the native functionality of InsightEdge with Apache open source technologies; and which, for at least one client, has developed a streamlined approach that covers all the bases in two tiers instead of three. Streamlining architecture means simplifying life for those deploying real-time analytics solutions; and, anywhere this side of Apple, the ability to synergize commercial and open source ingredients is important, and is not going to change anytime soon.”

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