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SparkBeyond and GigaSpaces Webinar

May 14, 2019 | Time: 9:00 EST | 13:00 GMT

The promise of Data and AI is about empowering better decision making, but how do you know you have the right answers if you haven't asked the right questions? And once the right questions are identified how can they be leveraged in daily operations?

GigaSpaces and SparkBeyond are partnering to power enterprises across multiple industries with an end-to-end insight to action solution; to optimize operations, enhance customer experience and deploy new revenue-generating services.

In this webinar we’ll introduce an end-to-end insight to action solution highlighting how:

  • AI systems are no longer 'black box', but are 'glass-box': Business owners can look inside and see exactly why a model predicts a customer will churn, or why an applicant should (or should not) be underwritten for an insurance policy
  • AI systems must be dynamic: SparkBeyond discovers features - the patterns necessary to model churn, underwriting, and leveraging GigaSpaces InsightEdge, predictive models are automatically trained in production, with newly discovered patterns that properly model the reality of today's complex and dynamic world
  • Smarter Insights come from many data sources: GigaSpaces can ingest millions of IOPS from multiple data services such as CRM, transactions, etc. SparkBeyond can augment internal data with external sources such as weather, news, economics, and demographics (80+ sources) to holistically model complex business challenges
 Featured Speakers         

Yoav Einav 


Yoav is VP Product at GigaSpaces. He drives product management, technology vision, and go-to-market activities for GigaSpaces. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, Yoav filled various leading product management roles at Iguazio and Qwilt, mapping the product strategy and roadmap while providing technical leadership regarding architecture and implementation.


Solomon Alkhasov


Solomon is General Manager Partnerships at SparkBeyond. Prior to SparkBeyond, Solomon drove partnerships and acquisitions at McKinsey & Co (where he forged the McKinsey and SparkBeyond partnership), was a consultant with McKinsey, started and grew a pricing analytics venture, and led engineering for a disruptive fiber optics company.