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The combination of HPE Superdome Flex server and GigaSpaces in-memory data processing delivers extreme performance.

In more than 99% of the cases, the latency was less than one
millisecond for a data query. 

This technical paper highlights the benefits and business outcomes of running the GigaSpaces InsightEdge in-memory data platform on a large shared-memory HPE Superdome Flex scale-up server.

This joint solution delivers faster insights and mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities that scale with your data processing and analytics business needs.

In this paper, we’ll step through a Yardstick benchmark test illustrating the superior performance, efficiency, and scalability of this solution.

We’ll also present a few examples of real-world use cases, demonstrating how the solution dramatically reduces the time and risk to complete large, complex calculations.