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A Capgemini/Groupe PSA and GigaSpaces Webinar

March 12, 2020 | Time: 17:30AM GMT | EN FRANCAIS

Enterprises that can leverage AI and machine learning at scale, in real-time, will outperform their competitors, transforming the way they deliver customer and product experiences, adhere to regulations and optimize business operations.

Join Capgemini/Groupe PSA and GigaSpaces for an exciting virtual event!  We'll discuss how the emergence of new computing paradigms characterized by distributed analytics & machine learning, large-scale data processing, and cloud-native infrastructures, are merging together, to create a potential for unconstrained digital innovation for better business results.

Senior technical and business leaders are invited to participate.


Car manufacturers are facing strict environmental regulations that they must quickly adapt to.

Capgemini and PSA describe how, in just 12 weeks using GigaSpaces, they were able to develop and deploy their new real-time calculation of CO2 emission application, meeting EU regulations. PSA was able to meet their real-time requirements with <100ms latency while reducing footprint by 4-6x.


Featured Speakers

Moshe Weizman: 

Director, France & Nordics
GigaSpaces Technologies

Frederic Warin:

Managing Enterprise Architect