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American Airlines joins us for a webinar on data & analytics market challenges and trends

Enterprises that can leverage their growing data at scale and in real-time, will outperform their competitors; transforming the way they deliver customer and product experiences, adhere to regulations and optimize business operations.

Join GigaSpaces and American Airlines for a virtual event about data & analytics market challenges and trends. The speakers discussed how the emergence of new computing paradigms characterized by distributed analytics & machine learning, large-scale data processing, and cloud-native infrastructures, are merging together to create a potential for unconstrained digital innovation for better business results.

This event is geared for senior technical and business leaders.


Every second counts, every action, change or technical issue has a domino effect in the airline industry.

Recently American Airlines completed the last steps to the largest integration effort in airline history – the merger between AA and US Airways.

One of the most significant milestones of this effort was the completion of a sophisticated integration of mission-critical capabilities within Airline Operations which resulted in a state-of the-art hybrid Microservices network; supporting the technical capabilities of the world’s largest airline.

In this session, Operations Technology Lead
at American Airlines, Bret Park, presents some AA's innovative applications including dynamic pricing, passenger rebooking, flight rescheduling with a focus on their dynamic crew management service; all of which require core compute-grade, in-memory computing to meet the challenges of high-performance, analytics and reliability.

He describes how GigaSpaces is a key facet in the agile development and successful deployment of the applications which power AA's commitment to provide every citizen of the world with the best service of the air travel.


Featured Speakers

Yoav image for webinar (1)

Yoav Einav 

VP Product at GigaSpaces

Bret Park-2

Bret Park

 Operations Technology Lead
at American Airlines