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GigaSpaces enables distributed in-memory data management and execution in a clustered, shared nothing architecture for extreme transactional processing, database offloading and advanced analytics in mission-critical applications and scenarios.

Mainframes are here to stay, at least in the visible future for the majority of financial, telecommunications and transportation  organizations. But, as businesses join the digital transformation and continue to modernize their business operations, requirements are growing for enhancing workflow performance to better customer experience and reduce costly operations.

This is where new technologies can help accelerate innovation and optimize TCO.

GigaSpaces’ enterprise software platform scales out stateful applications in high-performance and low-latency environments. It is designed to support high-throughput transactional applications such as financial applications, e-commerce systems, and telecommunication data fabrics. 

The platform unifies fast data analytics and machine learning with transactional processing. This combination powers instant insights on your data as it is born and the ability to immediately leverage those insights within your applications and processes.

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