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Are you wondering how you can address today's modern business demands and efficiently leverage your mainframe infrastructure?

The growing amount of data and the need to maintain the competitive edge with optimized business operations and modern customer-centric services are becoming constant challenges for enterprises that require the ability to process, analyze, visualize and manage their data in a scalable and agile manner.

Watch data and analytics experts Ze'ev Avidan, OpenLegacy CPO & Sharon Kochevsky, Director of Product Management and Noam Herzenstein, Director of Product Marketing at GigaSpaces, as they discuss: 

  • How to modernize legacy stacks with microservices, event-driven fast analytics, Spark and BI.
  • Dramatically lowering TCO by reducing MIPS consumption with in-memory access
  • Reducing the risk and simplify legacy to cloud migrations

Featured Speakers 
Zeev Avidan
CPO OpenLegacy
Sharon Kochevsky
Director of Product Management
GigaSpaces Technologies
Sharon K image for webinar (1) 
Noam Herzenstein
Director of Product Marketing
GigaSpaces Technologies