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The Smart DIH is an out-of-the-box DIH solution. Based on GigaSpaces’ award-winning distributed in-memory data platform, it includes all the components an organization needs in order to decouple their digital applications from their SoR, to accelerate innovation.

On the journey to digital transformation, enterprises are required to rapidly launch multiple new digital applications and services. These digital applications are expected to deliver high performance, elastically scale to support peak usage volumes, and be always-on.

However, these applications rely on multiple systems of record (SoR) for their data. In a conventional architecture, the API services layer is coupled with the SoR, and increases loads on legacy data stores that are required to constantly feed data to power new digital services. This architecture’s inefficiencies cause innovation to slow-down, as development teams duplicate efforts developing APIs to access data and synchronize with microservices. When new digital services are finally deployed, they are subject to limited SoR performance, scalability and availability.

Learn more about Smart DIH, the new type of data architecture that decouples digital applications from systems of record, and simplifies enterprise’s digital transformation with unparalleled speed, performance and scale.