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In this solution paper we discuss how GigaSpaces InsightEdge powers business-critical services, with predictive and actionable insights based on various data sources such as weather forecast, competitor pricing, booking, personnel, sentiment, social activity, sensor data and more, combined with historical data.


When the unexpected happens, such as cancellations resulting from weather conditions or an unpredicted massive rise in bookings, you must act immediately to streamline operations, address peak loads, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Real-time analytics are easily run on legacy solutions for small data sets and low ingestion rate. However, as the data grows your organizations begins to suffer from slow response time and bad user experience, which increases even more during peak times, like holidays and weekends. With numbers of scheduled travelers for airline travel alone reaching to the billions, and worldwide Uber drivers passing 1.5 million, organizations must be ready to grow at scale while maintaining fast response times based on real-time analytic insights.

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