France The Insight-Driven Organization: Leverage AI to Transform Your Data into Revenue Dec 2018
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December 6, 2018  |  Hilton La Défense, Paris

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Dans un monde rapide et associé à la croissance exponentielle des données et de IoT, les entreprises visent a passer des données aux informations en temps réel pour passer à une latence inférieure à la seconde. La quantité de données en temps réel enrichie avec le contexte historique génère des informations plus rapides et plus intelligentes qui alimenteront une transformation numérique réussie.

Les entreprises pouvant exploiter l’Intelligence Artificielle et le Machine Learning à grande échelle, en temps réel, surclasseront leurs concurrents, transformant ainsi la manière dont elles offrent des expériences client et produit, et optimisent les opérations commerciales.



Tal Doron, Director of Innovation, GigaSpaces Technologies

Tal will discuss how organizations are leveraging AI and machine learning to uncover insights in real-time and instantly act upon them to impact business results. A new way to simply and rapidly develop & deploy time-sensitive applications, capturing smarter and faster insights for mission-critical services, will be presented. You will learn how real-time applications are running advanced analytics on data as it’s born, enriched with historical context from data lakes and are successfully:

• Reducing maintenance and operational costs via predictive and preventative actions

• Streamlining and optimizing operations

• Introducing new services and revenue streams.


Huayi Dong, Global Head of Electronic Trading Solutions, DAIWA

Customers expect always-on, smarter and faster-personalized customer services from their algorithmic trading services.

In this session Huayi will discuss why Daiwa selected the GigaSpaces platform for their mission-critical system, and how given the “race to zero” for electronic trading, GigaSpaces has helped Daiwa gain a competitive edge.