Reinventing Financial Services with Real-time Analytics and Machine Learning


The world of financial services is a rich playground for real-time analytics with large data sets – both structured and unstructured, millisecond latencies, and the need to detect complex patterns in real-time and act instantaneously. Real-time analytics platforms unifying AI and machine learning with transactional processing are powering the Fintech industry to be agile and responsive.

Faster and smarter response times for banking and fraud detection applications, intraday risk-analysis and personalized recommendations for loans, investments and customer service calls are increasing customer loyalty - all helping enterprises gain the competitive edge.

In this webinar, GigaSpaces VP Product, Yoav Einav, will share insights referencing customer case studies, presenting how financial institutions leverage event-driven, real-time analytics and machine learning to optimize operations, adhere to regulations and enhance customer experience.

This webinar is especially geared for business and technical leaders, solution architects and analytics managers from Financial and Fintech organizations.