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Technology innovations and a fierce competitive environment are revolutionizing the financial industry, and the focus on delivering exceptional customer experience, optimizing operations and adhering to regulations is now more important than ever. As financial organizations implement strategic initiatives such as the introduction of new digital applications and customer 360, deploy on-line services such as fraud detection, customer onboarding and loan approvals, and improve their risk management and trading processes, the need for extreme performance, speed and scale is growing.

In addition, new regulations such as instant payments and Open Banking initiatives, require banks to accelerate services from business days to seconds, while handling new transaction loads on already strained legacy systems.

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Smart ODS is a distributed in-memory Digital Integration Hub with unparalleled low-latency, high-performance and scale that aggregates and offloads from your multiple back-end systems of record. You gain the agility to introduce new digital applications and the ability to deploy real-time operational analytics and BI – across any environment.

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