Learn how Stellantis accelerated its Digital Transformation with GigaSpaces Smart DIH, increasing performance by over 15x

Stellantis is the world’s 5th largest automaker, formed in early 2021 from the merger of PSA and Fiat-Chrysler. By the end of that year Stellantis sold a total of 6.5 million vehicles globally.

In order to personalize its offerings and cater to each customer’s needs, Stellantis is offering web configurators where their customers (dealers and end-customers) can build their own car and choose among many different options of body, engine, interior and exterior cladding and other features.

To avoid regulatory fines, Stellantis needs to calculate in real-time the CO2 emission of each configured car. Stellantis’s WLTP calculator runs on a production mainframe and has an estimated capacity of 200 requests per second. However, Stellantis’s B2B partners who are also subject to the WLTP regulation, required an increase of capacity of up to 3000 requests per second. The mainframe became a bottleneck with demand of 15 times its capacity to deliver. 

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