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Digital Transformation for Leumi, One of Israel’s Leading Banks

Leumi, the 2nd largest bank in Israel, was facing growing competition from both FinTech providers as well as digital Neo-banks. As part of its digital transformation strategy, Leumi set ambitious goals in both customer satisfaction, as well as in its ability to effectively customize offerings to each of its customers across a variety of financial products. Realizing that it will need to rapidly expand the scope of its service applications, the bank also had to adjust its existing infrastructure to rapidly build and launch hundreds of new applications both on-prem and on the cloud.

Some of the largest tech providers competed over Leumi’s RFI, including global powerhouses IBM, Oracle, and SAP. After scrutinizing all offerings, Leumi shortlisted SAP and GigaSpaces. This head-to-head competition resulted in a decisive knock-out, with our Smart DIH providing 20x faster transaction processing speed over SAP’s offering. 

By choosing the GigaSpaces Smart DIH, Leumi was able to revolutionize its infrastructure to meet its evolving business needs, making it truly future-ready:

  • Decoupling digital channels from systems of record

  • Creating a common customer data model

  • Dramatically increasing its transaction processing speed

  • Achieving 24/7, 99.999% availability