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Data has taken center stage. And for every enterprise, the ability to analyze that data and act on it when its value is highest is what can put you in the limelight on that stage and help you stay competitive.

Our webinar is now over. In case you missed it, you can download the recording.

In this webinar, GigaSpaces VP Product, Yoav Einav, discusses the requirements and challenges faced by enterprises who are limited to running slow batch processes on historical - non-mutable - data with insights delivered only hours or even days later.

The caveats of complex siloed data processing architectures, will be described and Yoav Einav will present how you can seamlessly simplify your big data architectures and run event-driven analytics and machine learning models in real-time on streaming, transactional and historical data across cloud, on-premise, hybrid and, multi-cloud environments.

You will learn about:

  • An overview of enterprises’ needs for real-time analytics and machine learning for multiple applications across industries
  • Current challenges facing enterprises who are striving to deploy real-time analytics and ML in production
  • An introduction to GigaSpaces InsightEdge and how it can power data-driven, time-sensitive business decisions:
    • Accelerate BI, advanced analytics and ML on your data lakes and data warehouses
    • Leverage microservices to develop and deploy modern applications rapidly
    • Simplify the complexities of your big data architecture
    • Optimize the organization’s TCO
  • A live demo will show how easy it is to ingest and analyze live operational data enriched with historical context. You'll see how InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme accelerates analytics on your data lake by 100X

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Martin Carlsson



Yoav Einav
VP Product
GigaSpaces Technologies
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