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Simplifying your data’s journey to smarter, faster insight to action

100X faster access to data lakes and data warehouses. AnalyticsXtreme accelerates machine learning on real-time and historical data for smarter insights with sub-second response time, at scale, while simplifying development and deployment of on-premise and cloud-based applications for faster time-to-market. 

In today’s fast-paced world of “now,” a process that is too slow often leads to decisions based on stale data and insights which may no longer be relevant or applicable. AnalyticsXtreme, a module available with InsightEdge, GigaSpace’s in-memory real-time analytics platform, addresses the challenges faced by enterprises seeking to remain competitive, maintain innovation and leverage their vast amounts of data to gain real-time insights to make informed decisions and act instantly. It simplifies architectural complexity, accelerates performance and streamlines integration and deployment, resulting in data that can be leveraged in real-time when its value is highest.