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451 Research Analyst Jason Stamper and GigaSpaces’ Ali Hodroj discuss the market drivers towards the adoption of in-memory technology and how enterprises can power fast data applications with a high-performance data grid combined with Apache Spark

In this webinar, Jason Stamper, data platforms and analytics analyst at 451 Research, looks at some of the latest trends that are driving increased adoption of in-memory technologies across industries.

Jason also looks specifically at the drivers for in-memory data grids, and why 451 Research forecasts spending on data grids to grow by 32% between 2015 and 2020 (CAGR) – one of the highest growth rates for any data platform technology. Finally, Jason says a few words about the unique requirements of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), and why he believes in-memory technologies will play an even greater role there.

Ali Hodroj, VP Products and Strategy at GigaSpaces, expands on how in-memory data grid architectures are being adopted within the context of IoT and real-time analytics to deliver on the promise of fast data.

Featured Speakers

Ali Hodroj, VP Product and Strategy, GigaSpaces

Jason Stamper, Analyst 451 Research